Taper Pin

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  • A taper pin is a type of threaded fastener with many applications in mechanical engineering. In particular, taper pins come in the form of stainless steel, cylindrical rod with one end slightly larger than the other. They are threaded on either one end or both ends. The screw thread is used here for projecting through the hole and retaining the pin with a device of distributing threaded fastener load such as a wash. Typically, the hole accommodating the taper tin is prepared by a taper pin reamer before the application of this type of fastener. Taper pins are standardized in sizes and are mainly sold in a set all pieces of which are contained neatly in a transparent plastic organizer for the quick identification. Good taper pins are the ones meeting following standards:
    – Easy and quick to apply.
    – Create durable and reliable joining.
    – Offering the combination of hardness and toughness so no worry of wear out or corrosion anymore.
    – High versatility, suitable for a wide range of applications
    – Come in multiple compartment case for convenient storage and transport.

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