Straight Reamer

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  • A straight reamer is a type of reamer designed for making minor enlargement to a hole. Typically, straight reamers have a working end with a slight taper that varies in length to produce a self centering action. The holes crated by straight reamers are intended for the formation of holes with precise circularity and size, or accommodating a bolt coming with an unthread shoulder. Straight reamers are made from either high speed steel or cemented carbide, and may be coated with polycrystalline diamond for the improved strength and durability. Good straight reamers that you should employ for your job are the ones meeting following criteria:
    – Multi-purpose reamer for many different applications.
    – Offering the combination of hardness and toughness so no worry of rust, breakage anymore.
    – Coordinate well with a wide range of tool-holding systems and materials.
    – Delivering the accurate reaming.
    – Actual specifications matching with the ones described on website.
    – Brand new. Long term usability.

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