Reciprocating Saw

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  • A reciprocating saw is a type of saw which creates the cutting action through the pushing and pulling reciprocating motion of the blade (hence the name). The reciprocating saw handle is designed for performing cutting action on vertical surfaces. Reciprocating saws are commonly used in construction and demolition fields. Such saw styles are high power, cored machines operating at high speeds. On the other hand, handheld devices that mimic the appearance of a cordless drill are suitable for cutting materials with low and medium hardness and toughness. Their blades come in different materials depending on the type of material being cut. For example, saw blades for cutting metals usually have the great strength and durability than the ones for cutting woods. In addition to performing general cutting tasks, reciprocating saws are also useful for special purposes when they are equipped with different accessories or come with some adjustments in blade design. In many cases, a saw comes along with a set of blades, each one differs from the others in tooth shape, tip shape, overall length, and/or hardness. A good reciprocating saw that you should add to your working tool set is the one that:
    – Variable speeds for flexible applications. High versatility.
    – Removable blade for compact and safe storage.
    – Anti-slip, soft grip handles for extended working time.
    – Sturdy and balanced construction.
    – Make work completed easier and faster but consume less energy.
    – Easy to use with the support of easy to understand manual.
    – Usability lasts up to many years.
    – Long warranty and reliable refund policy.

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