Lemon Reamer Plastic

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  • A plastic lemon reamer is a small device with all components made of plastic, used to extract lemon juice. They are also useful for oranges and other small citrus fruits. Plastic lemon reamers can be motorized devices but more often manual models. Similar to lemon reamers made of other materials, plastic forms have a convexly tapered conical blade with a smooth spike, and a cylindrical handle. In addition, the style that is placed on a tabletop and pressed downward is also commonly used. Plastic lemon reamers are preferred because they are the most lightweight construction of lemon reamers, cheap, and easy to clean. A good plastic reamer that makes that task of extracting juice from citrus fruit easier than ever before is the one that:
    – Easy to use.
    – Save time and effort to get expected results.
    – Helps extract the maximum amount of juice.
    – Dishwasher safe. Easy and quick hand washing. Resist the growth and spread of bacteria and mildew.
    – Made of high quality plastic that is super durable and totally free of harmful substances.
    – Lightweight, compact, stylish design.

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