Lemon Reamer Glass

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  • A glass lemon reamer is a device, as its name suggests, constructed from glass, intended for separating juice from the pulp of lemons or small citrus fruits. The advantage of glass construction over other materials is that it provides the excellent ability of resisting acids contained in lemon juices and appear in the nice appearance. Additionally, it is very easy to clean the glass lemon reamers thoroughly just with water. The typical lemon reamer comes in the tabletop form with a convex, conical blade positioned at the center of a shallow bowl for containing juice. The bowl usually has a spout for easy pouring and a handle for convenient carrying. Normally, a lemon is firstly cut into half with a knife and then is pressed downward to the blade of a reamer. Similar to glassware in general, glass lemon reamers require the gentle treatment to protect them against breaking risks. Some styles of glass lemon reamers appear in the very fussy design and are intended for aesthetic purposes rather than practical reasons. A good glass lemon reamer that you complement to your kitchen tool set is the one that:
    – Reservoir and spout allow for a quick transfer of juice. No worry of spill and leakage of juice anymore.
    – Ideal for all small sized citrus fruits.
    – Long term warranty against defects.
    – Built from high quality free of toxins.
    – Nice and stylish design.
    – Hand washing recommended for extended usability. Easy and quick to clean. No odors retained.

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