Cold Saw Blades

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  • A cold saw blade is the circular, resharpenable cutting component of metal cutting saws called cold saws. Basically, there are two distinct types of cold saw blades including solid high speed steel (HSS) blades and tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) ones. The first type of blade is high heat treated and hardened to improve the blade’s hardness hence the long life of the cutting tool. The latter type of cold saw blade is all constructed from alloy steel except for the tungsten carbide inserts blazed to the tooth tips. In comparison to HSS cold saw blades, the TCT versions have the much more excellent heat resistance, and can be operated at much higher speeds. In order to improve their strength and durability, HSS blades often come with a black oxide coating or a coating made of a wear resistant material such as titanium nitride. This type of cold saw blade is useful for ferrous cutting applications and non ferrous cutting applications. Meanwhile, TCT blades are now mainly used in cutting non-ferrous alloys. A blade can fit within different cold saws, and vice versa, a cold saw can accommodate different blade. Similar to blades used in combination with other types of saws, cold saw blades vary in dimensions (diameter and thickness) and the shape of teeth. Hereby we list out some standards that a good saw blade should meet:
    – Long lasting sharpness.
    – Produce precise cuts without the sparks, heat, and smell.
    – Blade diameter remains constant during its lifetime.
    – Accurate specifications provided.
    – Offer the reasonable heat and wear resistance for long term usage.
    – Easy and quick re-sharpen through a suitable sharpener.
    – Warranty and refund for defects offered.

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