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  • A backsaw is a hand saw characterized by a stiffening rib on the blunt edge opposite the cutting edge. This special design is intended to provide user the better control of the device hence the cutting action with the better precision. However, the stiffening rib, at the other hand, limits the cutting depth of the backsaw. These hand tools are mainly used by woodworking workers for tasks with high requirement in precision such as cutting dovetails or tenons in cabinetry. Many models feature tight teeth on their cutting edge for the ease of cutting through wood workpieces. The blade of backsaws is usually made from stainless steel and their handle is typically cylindrical in shape and composed of wood. There are several tools commonly used in combination with backsaw including mitre box, bench hook, and marking knife. In order to choose a good backsaw, do not forget refer our recommendations below:
    – Sturdy and balanced construction optimizes the accuracy of cutting action.
    – Ergonomic design effectively speeds up the cutting. Make tasks completed easier and faster more than ever before.
    – Strong and sharp blade with the long lasting sharpness.
    – Soft grip handle gives user the ideal control and comfort.
    – High quality materials offer the great durability.
    – Work well with all types of wood work-pieces.
    – Easy to use and maintain.
    – Long time warranty.

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