Abrasive Saw

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  • An abrasive saw or also known as metal chop saw is a powered device employing an abrasive disc (hence the name) for cutting tasks of different materials, notably metals. Although called “saw”, these machines do not have tooth shaped cutting edges which are found in types of saws. Their disks are made from steel or stainless steel and easy to wear out due to the toughness and hardness of materials so require the replacement with new ones after a period of usage. The disk diameter varies in a range. Nowadays, people prefer using portable abrasive saws in different working situations, especially on building site jobs. In addition, they are also regarded the ideal replacement for acetylene torches, the highly risky metalworking tools. A good abrasive saw is the one meeting following criteria:
    – Sharp, sturdy cutting wheels for fast and accurate cutting.
    – Ergonomic handle with soft grip saving force.
    – Long life motor reduces noise and vibration while cutting.
    – Capacity matching job requirements.
    – Come with a spark deflector adds more protection to operators and surroundings.
    – Anti corrosion, rust, and breakage.
    – Lightweight and compact design for easy carrying and storing.
    – Use and care manual provided along with the product.

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